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Who Started It All


 Holly Martin was a sheriff deputy at New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office for six and a half years. She saw a need for specific childcare in her community of first responders. The parameters of how the business operates stem directly from Holly's knowledge of the first responder lifestyle and it’s all too often unpredictability. The goal is for Wilmington, NC to be the foundation of a nationwide company that serves several different agencies across our great country. This passion exists inside of Holly to do something profound, and what better way than to serve those who serve. We at Raising Heroes, Inc appreciate you visiting our webpage, and for your consideration to make a donation!

What is Raising Heroes


  Raising Heroes was created to fulfill a need that plagues the first responder world. First responders (Fire, Law, EMS, and Dispatch) work anywhere from 10 to 24 hour shifts on a regular basis in the area of Wilmington, NC. Rotating schedules provide 24 hour services, and typically the average person has very little say so in which shift they work. The idea for Raising Heroes came about in February of 2016. A sworn female officer, pregnant with her first child, asked a high ranking officer at their department if the agency would ever consider opening a convenient child care for their employees. The high ranking officer explained that the agency could not take on the task of providing such a service, for a number of legitimate reasons. Having been involved this interaction, Holly thought it would be a good idea to start a child care, dedicated to first responders. Raising Heroes officially came into existence in May of 2017, earning non-profit status with the State of North Carolina in June of 2017. The IRS awarded Raising Heroes, Inc. tax-exempt 501(c)3 status in October of 2017, effective for the entire year of 2017.

Mission Statement


The mission of Raising Heroes, Inc.  is to provide an affordable option for exceptional care to the children of first responders.  This relieves emergency personnel of certain preventable stressors so that they may focus on their service to the community.

 Raising Heroes has no affiliation with HEROES, Inc. and does not provide services in Washington, D.C., Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia and Delaware. 

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