Contracts at Raising Heroes

How It Works

Raising Heroes operates as a full service child care, as well as drop in.  All services are provided exclusively to the children of first responders.

Contracts are run on a month to month basis based on the parents schedule. 

Each contract is uniquely customized for the family's needs.

The rates are calculated daily.

For one child, it is $30 (for parents working an 8 hour shift or less) or $45 (for parents working a shift that is longer than 8 hours) per day. 

This daily rate is multiplied by the number of days a month our services are needed.

[[For example: You work 14 days a month on a 12 hour per day basis.  You only need coverage for 10 days a month since Saturday and Sundays are when your parents help out.  10 days a month x $45 a day = $450]]

For two children the rates are $45 or $65 per day.

For three children the rates are $75 or $105 per day.

Please contact Raising Heroes directly for information for more than 3 children. 

Drop-in Rates also vary due to the variety of reasons to be dropping in

  • Up to 4 hours: $20
  • 4 to 12 hours: $30
  • 12 hours or more $45

Drop-in fees are due at the time of pick up, unless the child is already registered for routine childcare. 

Each contract has a "plus or minus 2 day forgiveness period".  This leeway allows a registered family to utilize up to 2 days of "drop-in" that are not included on their agreed contract.  This leeway also secures a child's spot should a parent decide to not use up to 2 days of their contract for whatever reason.  If the forgiveness period is used consistently, then contracts are subject to renegotiation. This leeway does not cost the family any extra, and it protects the child's spot reserved in the center. 

Upcoming Events

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The next major goals that Raising Heroes hopes to accomplish:

Find a centralized location for Raising Heroes in/around the Brunswick/New Hanover/Pender counties to help serve more families. 

Finalize contracts to fill future location(s)

Obtain temporary license from the State of NC (currently operating as an unlicensed, in home care center, following state guildelines)

Raising Heroes in Leland

Raising Heroes in Wilmington

Childcare in Leland